Amy G Coombs

author, reader, teacher

Maine-ly Writers

Every June a group of my friends gather in a cottage on Penobscott Bay in Maine along with a teacher (this year, our mentor Louise Hawes, BLACK PEARLS, THE VANISHING POINT, ROSIE IN THE PRESENT TENSE) for a week of writing workshops. Our core group met at a workshop in North Carolina, where Shana Burg (A THOUSAND NEVER EVERS) said, “Let’s do this again.” And so we made our own arrangements. Over the last five years, as we figure out how to cobble together the finances, or discuss if we have enough food in the fridge for one last meal, the main focus of intense writing, learning, sharing and companionship has never faltered.

So, as I sit on our last day at the expansive wooden kitchen table with my morning coffee, looking out at the grey-blue waters, listening to two colleagues discuss the timing of next year’s workshop….I can’t help but know how lucky I am.


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