Amy G Coombs

author, reader, teacher

Where I’ve Been

I began this blog last June with energy and enthusiasm. By August, I disappeared from Blogland.

Where have I been?

I went on a journey, not one of my choosing. My father’s sudden illness left him with a prognosis of four weeks to live, and left me to stay at his bedside, to grieve and to take over his position as caretaker for my mother. My good writing friend, Cathy, said, “When things calm down, you will do a lot of writing.” She’s right. For the past few months I’ve had an outburst of creativity. Not about my parents or this particular journey, no. That’s too private and raw. But I’m going gangbusters on my novel, formulating notes for a second novel, starting work on two short story collections, entering contests, sending out short stories, getting acceptances. All this while traveling to D.C. one week a month to be with my mother.

Am I back to blogging? I’m not sure. Life is more uncertain than usual at the moment, and I pour my heart into my fiction, not my blogging. Let’s say, here’s hoping I have at least one foot back in Blogland for now.


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