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author, reader, teacher

Electrocution by Nook

This morning I read the first e-pages of an e-novel on my first e-reader in the bathroom (where else do you do your morning reading?). I found myself wondering if the e-reader worked like other electrical appliances – a hair-dryer, say. Does balancing an e-reader on the sink while I brush my teeth pose a possible danger either to the e-reader or to me?

Can you use an e-reader in the tub?

I admit, at the risk of sabotaging my career, I am an old dog. When it comes to the e-world, I don’t know my Cloud from my App. And I’m not sure I care. Just teach me the steps and give me a treat after. In this case, the treat is the e-publication of my short story, And Jacki, Of Course.

Just like a dog who will do anything for her master’s love and a treat, I am embracing e-publishing because e-publishing is embracing me. There’s my name in black and white. Literally, as I opted for the plain Nook instead of the color one. But oh, what a thrill.

The industry rule is to not talk about our “failures,” but a quick perusal of my history will show any editor that after those first few years of publishing success, my endeavors have languished. I put “failure” in quotes because, as any writer will tell you, two completed novels and the draft of a third, a couple of short chapter books and many short stories later, I’ve been learning, not failing. Honing my craft, feeding my soul, and never giving up.

And at last I’m beginning to publish again. E-publishers are willing to take a risk on me, and I thank them. My LGBT stories for teens and adults are finding homes. Will my stories on black and white race relations come next?

Of course I still want the pleasure of a book in hand, one I can lend to a child or friend. Meanwhile, till my novels get picked up, I’ll be very careful when I take my Nook into the bathroom.


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