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The More I Write, the Less I Blog

Wow, blogging, for an old dog (cat?) like me, is an uphill climb. Every six months or so, I am newly determined to blog once a week. It shouldn’t be that hard. I love talking and journaling about books. I could easily veer off into politics and social justice issues. Not to mention the politics of art, as in the recent case of a teen leading the charge to get the film BULLY a PG-13 rating so the kids to whom the film was created for can actually view it.

That said, it seems the more I write creatively, the less I blog. Or even think about blogging. I know, I know, any editor or agent out there reading this will now write me off their list. But I am so excited about my three (count ’em — three!) current projects — a YA novel, an MG novel, and a series of LGBT-themed YA short stories — who has time to blog? Or to make phone calls? Or to cook dinner?

Sorry, readers. But I’ll be sure to let you know when my next short story is published.


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