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New Summer’s Resolution

It’s happened again. Another Maine-ly Writer’s workshop, this one more amazing than usual, and I leave inspired, fired up, and with the firm resolution to attend to my blog. A weekly entry — is that asking too much?

Apparently, given past years’ examples, yes.

For me, blogging is a double-edged sword. I’m aware that it’s good for professional reasons, yet it takes me away from the writing I really want to be engaged in. It doesn’t help that deep inside I’m fairly convinced no one reads my blog. Why would they? What do I have to offer that a million other bloggers don’t?

But that’s a trap writers fall into, isn’t it? What do we have to write that a million others don’t? Why would  my love story, my coming of age story, my coming out story rise above the rest?

I’ve struggled with this for years. Decades, even. There’s a good answer: write for yourself; write because you want to, write because you have to.

But for me that’s not enough. A dear friend gave me a heart-shaped broach from Passion Works Studio* with the inscription:

“To who I am writing there is a strength between our heart” [sic]

So yes, maybe I do need to blog for marketing reasons. Get my voice out there. Be active in the on-line writing community. Have something to show an editor or agent when they Google me.

But maybe — if I approach blogging the way I approach writing fiction — from my heart to yours — if I have faith someone will want to read my blog the way I believe someone will want to read my stories — then maybe this year I’ll stick to my new summer’s resolution.

*Passionworks in Athens, Ohio, supports collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities Read more at


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