Amy G Coombs

author, reader, teacher


I’ve set up this site to reach out to readers, writers and those in the publishing world. So, a little something about me. I’ve published two early chapter books and some short stories for children. Unpublished, for now, are two middle grade novels. I’m working on a young adult novel and short stories for teens and adults. I like writing it all.

My love of reading translated into a wonderful stint as an elementary school librarian which I left a few years ago to pursue writing full-time. My love of teaching is currently being nourished through a delightful group of teens who work with me on their writing at our public library. I also work, off and on, with younger people and older people, and home-schooled folks through various programs.

I live in Appalachia, a transplant to Athens, Ohio, from Washington, D.C. My family, which includes a partner, two grown (growing?) children, cats and dogs, is always a central part of my life.

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